Bulk load Entities

Enables bulk loading and updating of multiple Entities in one go.
The Entities can be of any type and in any order, and the method will reorder them to resolve any dependencies.
They are therefore likely to be loaded in a different order to the passed in order.

Only DRAFT, INSTALLED and PUBLISHED Entities will be considered - any passed in Entities with status ARCHIVED or DELETED will be skipped.

All Entities will where possible initially be added or updated with state DRAFT, and then be INSTALLED/PUBLISHED if needed at the end.
This could result in some Entities successfully being added/updated but remain in DRAFT state. This will be shown as a separate status in the response.

The action parameter controls if Entities should only be added if they don't exist, only be updated if they already exist, or if
new Entities should be added and existing once should be updated.

An Entity will be updated if the EntityId is specified and already exists, or if the EntityId is empty but there is a matching Entity with the same BizId in the database.
If the BizId is also empty then it will look for an Entity with the same name to determine if it already exists.

The response contains a list of all Entities together with a status showing if they failed or were successfully loaded. If they were successfully loaded then the Entity Id will also be shown in the response.
Note that an Entity may have been added or updated in DRAFT state, but the installation may have failed.
Note also that the response may NOT list the Entities in the same order as they were passed in.

An error is thrown if there are duplicates (the same Entity being passed to be added/updated more than once)

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