How to set them up

Dimensions are Entities, just like all other configurations, and are therefore set up on the All Entities Configuration page.

In the Portal, go to the All Entities page under Configuration, click Add Entity and select Dimension in the type dropdown.

A difference between Dimensions and most other Entity configurations is that you need to give them an internal name. This must be in lowercase, should be short and easy to understand and recognise as it will be used in all API calls. The internal name can't be changed.

Press Save to create the Draft Entity ready to be configured.

The first and most important thing to decide on is if the allowed Dimension values should be limited to a predefined fixed list of values, or if new values can be created on the fly through calls to the Loyalty API.

Examples of typically Fixed Value Dimensions are Country, Brand, Language. Whereas Campaign and ABTest Dimensions may allow any value to be passed in.

You can then start setting up each Dimension Value you want the system to support.

Activate the Dimension when you're done, and it's ready to be used.


Note for Fixed Value Dimensions

You can always add more Dimension Values in the future, but you can't remove existing Values after the Dimension has been published.