Listing the relevant Entities

The Loyalty API allows you to list the relevant Entities and to filter out those Entities that don't apply. For example a Swedish website only wants to display the Offers that are relevant for the Swedish Market.

The first thing to do is to create an Offer Entity and to set a Dimension Filter saying country:SV.

Next, the Swedish website need to make sure that it passes in the right Dimensions, as in GET /offers?dim=country:SV.

Simple as that! A different website passing in dim=country:UK will not see or be able to claim the Offer.


Accessing Entities that don't match

There are occasions when you may want to access Entities that don't match your specific website. This can be done by passing the additional query parameter bypassDimensionFilter=true. This parameter can be added to almost all query endpoints in the Loyalty API, but requires the bypassDimensionFilter security permission.

This is however only possible when querying Entities. You can't POST to an Entity with a Dimension Filter without passing in the right Dimensions.