Querying / Filtering based on Dimensions

Querying based on Dimensions

Query endpoints that relate to data that can be decorated with Dimensions, can use Dimension Filters to query based on the Dimension values.

The way to do this is to use the dimf query parameter (short for Dimension Filter).

It has a similar format to the dim parameter, but allows query expressions. The following options are supported:

  • '.' (just a dot) means that the Dimension has not been specified
  • A value means that the Dimension has to have exactly that value
  • A comma-separated list of values means that the saved Dimension needs to be one of those values
  • A value containing the '*_' wildcard (where the star matches anything)
  • Two values with dot dot in between, matches anything between those two values
  • If starting with '!' the expression is reversed

Here's an example of finding all Members that were registered on the US or UK websites through one of the Christmas promotions, but which was not part of an A/B test:

GET /members?dimf=country:US,UK;channel:web;campaign:christmas*;ab:.