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Spotlight NEON is the future of Consumer Engagement Data Platform, combining cutting edge Consumer Data Platform (CDP) functionality with engaging loyalty and interactive consumer engagement features.

Through NEON you are able to engage with your customers on a personalised and rewarding level, whilst capturing and processing all that important data that gives you the insight your business needs.

NEON works equally well as your central customer data and crm platform or as a cdp or engagement slave or promotion engine, and it's easy to start small without impacting any of your other systems.

Spotlight NEON is an open API based platform with a powerful management portal. You link up your websites, NEON takes care of the rest.

The Spotlight NEON's API is comprehensive, possibly the largest in the field. And many use cases can be resolved in more than one way, depending on what surrounding platforms you use and how you'd like to store and report on the data etc, so please read these guides carefully before you start hitting the APIs.

And don't be afraid to ask. The SPIKA Tech team, who are behind NEON, are always happy to help answering any questions.

Have fun!
Johan and Tomas,
CEO's of SPIKA Ltd